The administration of a virtual or a dedicated hosting server is different than that of an ordinary shared hosting account, consequently if you need a hosting server of your own for site content or offline applications, you might run into challenges that you haven't faced before. All system tasks on a shared hosting server are addressed by the host company, but if you have your own hosting server, these tasks are something you need to deal with. In case a process freezes for whatever reason, for example, or if the overload on the hosting machine increases considerably, you'll need to take measures to restore the proper functioning of the machine. Doing that could be a challenge if you have not managed a server before and you don't have lots of experience, so if that's the case, you might use the Managed Services upgrade we provide. Along with other administration tasks, you'lllocate a Monitoring & Rebooting service inside the package, so our admins can keep track of your server 24/7 and restart it if required.

Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS

If you opt to host your internet sites or offline applications on one of the VPS which we supply, you'll be able to add the Managed Services upgrade any time and from that instant on our admins shall monitor your whole system carefully. Automated checks for various processes shall be enabled and our experienced team shall be notified the moment some unforeseen issue presents itself - a script that isn't responding, a frozen process, an application that takes excessive physical memory or CPU processing time, etcetera. Our admins will figure out what caused the problem and will fix it or will restart the hosting server if needed so that it can return to its proper functioning. The Monitoring & Rebooting part of the Managed Services bundle will save you money and time since you won't need to pay to a third-party organization to monitor your server remotely, not mentioning that they can't access your hosting server to do anything if a predicament appears.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Hosting

The Managed Services package can be added to any of our dedicated hosting at any time, so whenever you decide that you need it, you can order it with a few mouse clicks and our administrators will activate a range of automated checks for the status of different system processes on the hosting machine. This will save you a lot of capital for third-party monitoring services from companies that can't take care of a problem even if they recognize one since they will not have access to your machine. Our experienced staff can easily fix any issue - a frozen system process, a script that is consuming a lot of processing time or memory, and so on. They will figure out what the source of the problem was in order to take care of the latter in the best suited way and will reboot the hosting machine if that's required to restore its correct functioning. This way you'll not have to worry about potential issues or deal with administration tasks.